5 Fabulous First Date Ideas for Jewish Men Over 50

jewish men over 50When you're meeting a woman who happens to be in the age bracket of 50 and over, it is important to have a productive first date, as this is your first step to real world meetings. Now that you have already impressed her enough that she has agreed to take a step forward, you wouldn’t want to ruin things by creating a negative impression.

Pick the right location in advance

When brainstorming for the right location, you'd have to consider not only the environment but also your budget. While it is critical to choose a place that is comfortable so you have a healthy conversation, this shouldn’t come at a very steep cost that it leaves you with barely anything for the rest of the month. An independently owned coffee shop or lounges are any day better than Starbucks or a bar. Meeting her at a lounge or at the coffee shop would be ideal for a number of reasons:

  • It is difficult to decline a coffee date.
  • It is easy on the pocket (especially when you're on a shoestring budget).
  • If things are getting better between the two of you, moving to another place is relatively easier.
  • If things aren't working out as fine, you can call it quits without making it awkward.

In other words, for jewish women over 50, dates at the lounge or at a coffee shop offer a great deal of flexibility and executing them is relatively easier.

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Don’t pick an expensive place

Your attempt at choosing an isolated place for a date might be foiled if you end up taking her to an expensive place. As a matter of fact, older women aren't looking for a man who spoils them with costly or luxurious experiences. If you have what it takes to be her companion, she wouldn’t mind being taken to a mediocre place.

Ask her where she’s coming from

While selecting a place for your first date, choose a location that is fun and convenient. Avoid making elaborate plans, which she is very likely to turn down. While it would be awkward to ask her address, you may ask which part of the city she would be coming from and plan accordingly.

Have a backup plan

What if the place is closed when you reach there? Or the place is way too crowded for you to be comfortable and have a heart-to-heart conversation? You'd have to take these pointers into consideration when choosing a place for your maiden date. Visit that part of the city that is happening so you have something to do.

Never opt for a spa

If you're heading on your first date, don’t choose a place that would require you to strip. You don’t want her to misunderstand your intentions for lust and ruin the relationship before it has even begun.